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Find the nutritional content of any food!

Welcome to, we produce applications and games for the PC. We also promote the best of freeware and shareware from other software developers.

Our Products

Kelpiesoft Food File

A free nutritional database containing the nutritional information on 1000s of foods. Search by food group and / or keyword to locate the food you are looking for and Food File will display the calorie content, as well as how much fat, protein and carbohydrate it contains. In addition Food File displays detailed nutritional information, including vitamins and minerals.

Food File is for anyone interested in what they eat, but may be extremely useful for those following a diet that restricts particular types of food - such as the Atkins plan.

Updated! 100s of food products added, including many from popular fast food restaurants.

Celebrity Magnet

The World Wide Web is wonderful resource for images of any kind, but they can often be difficult to find. Exploring links from search engines can lead you to dead-ends and bombard you with advertising and pop-ups.

Celebrity Magnet makes it much easier to search the web for images. Simply enter what you want pictures of, and the software will start searching and indexing many web pages simultaneously.


Chess Commander

Chess has been played for 1000s of years and is still extremely popular. It is the ultimate battle of wits between two players.

Chess Commander is the ultimate chess game for the PC. You can practice against one of many computer opponents, or you can play on the online service that matches you up with other chess players around the world. You can even play chess by e-mail!

Chess Commander is ideal for beginners and experts. If you are a beginner, the legal move display can teach you the moves and you can play games against other novices. More advanced players can study some of the game databases and find opponents that match their skill level. Our new software application includes slots from


Ping Ball

The best puzzle games have simple concepts, and Ping Ball is no different. Simply try to drop mirrors in front of the 'ping' ball to deflect it in to the gems and crystals.

Ping Ball combines lateral thinking with reflex testing action, but the speed can be adjusted to concentrate on one or the other! There is also a 'kid mode', that will relax the rules for younger players. We are so confident that you will love this game that we are giving the first level pack away for free - there is no trial period so you can keep it for as long as you want!

We are not a regular software listing site - we don't list all software, just a selection of what we consider to be the best. None of the software is rated, because we just wont promote any software that isn't worthy of a '5 out of 5' or '4 out of 5' score. If you would like to submit any software for possible inclusion in our library, please send details to [email protected].  

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