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Ping Ball

license: Shareware
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Last updated: 08/23/05 12:13:10

Ping Ball is one of those deceptively simple games that soon gets you hooked. The object of this little puzzle gem is to drop mirrors in front of glowing sphere in order to bounce them in to the gems and crystals. Once you have collected all the gems on a screen you advance to the next level.

Of course, there are a number of harzards like slime, fire, mines and various other objects you need to make use of (or avoid) to complete a level. The puzzles vary from obvious to quite fiendish - but all the levels can be completed with a few attempts. You can even slow the gameplay down if your reactions are not up to it!

The game also has 3 bonus mini-games which are un-locked when you complete a mini-game. The mini-games are quite varied and once un-locked can be played independantly of the rest of the game.

The graphics are clear and simple, with some dazzling partical effects. We also liked the stereo sound effects and music.


  • 30 Levels
  • 3 level packs of 10 levels each.
  • 3 Mini-Games
  • Complate a level pack and you can un-lock a bonus mini-game.
  • Adjustable Speed Level
  • You slow the game-play down, or speed it up.
  • Kid Mode
  • A setting to relax the rules for younger players.
  • Non-Violent Gameplay
  • No blood / gore. Fine for kids.
  • Level Designer
  • The full version comes with a user friendly designer that you can use to create your own levels (and send the to friends).

Ping Ball Level Designer

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