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Chess Commander

license: Shareware
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Last updated: 08/03/05 19:14:00

Chess Commander is probably the ultimate in chess games. Not only can you play chess against a variety of computer opponents, you can also play chess live online and even by e-mail.

The exceptionally clear board display uses photographs of real chess sets. Moving the pieces is a simple matter of clicking and dragging. Legal moves are displayed in the form of ghosted pieces, but can be disabled if you are an experienced player. Another impressive feature is the speech synthesis, the game will announce game events and moves in real voices - and, like the boards, there are a number to choose from.

There are a selection of computer opponents in this game, each one has a different playing style. The engines are very strong, fortunately you can adjust the skill level to match your own abilities. You can play over the internet with a direct connection to a friend with another copy of Chess Commander, or via the online service Chess Planet, which will match you up with an opponent at random. Playing chess by email is easy with Chess Commander, the software will send your move and message automatically. When you recieve an email move, it contains a small attachment. Double clicking the attachment launches the game, and displays your opponents move and message.


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  • 3 Ways to Play
  • AI Games / Online Games / Email Games
    Full version has free subscription to Chess Planet.
  • View Game Databases
  • You can view games played by experts, move by move. Full version includes access to 1000s of games
  • Graphical Boards
  • Produced from photographs of real chess sets.
    Selection of boards to choose from
  • Realistic Speech
  • Moves are announced with real voices.
  • Legal Move Display
  • Displays all possible legal moves.

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