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Cubis 2

license: Shareware
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Last updated: 08/01/05 19:57:19

Cubis 2 is a variation of the match the blocks variety of game.

In Cubis you have to slide colourful cubes over a grid, if you match 3 of a like color they disapear and you get points. This game has the extra challenge in that cubes can be stacked several layers high, and you can slide them in from any direction.

The graphics are extremely vibrant and colourful, and the effects are very well done. This is a highly polished game that is well worth a download.


  • 300 exciting levels
  • 4 game play modes
  • Arcade, Puzzle, Morph-Fun Arcade, and Morph-Fun Puzzle.
  • 3 difficulty ranges
  • Rookie, Pro, and Expert.
  • 9 unique Cube effects
  • 3 graphical themes
  • 3 Cube sets
  • Create your own levels using the Game Editor
  • Start at any level in a game pack
  • Play levels randomly
  • High-Score tracking
  • Color-blind friendly settings

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